Now, we all understand why any conman who pull off frauds smartly is dubbed as 'Natwarlal in India'. Don't be surprised as here are more super cool facts about the king of Con masters that will flabbergast you.

1 He tried to forge signature of former President Dr Rajendra Prasad.

2 He duped magnate industrialists like Dhirubhai Ambani, the Birlas, and the Tatas for cash by posing himself as a social worker.

3 He conned people twice for his death which remained shrouded mystery.

4  He was arrested on many occasions and every time he somehow managed to flee.

5 He was lawyer-turned-con master because he was good at deceiving people.

6 He was sentenced for 113 years but unfortunately his tricks worked out and barely served 20 years.

7 He was the Robinhood for his village people. He had such a great fandom that people from his village wanted to install his statue in his home town.

8 Many Bollywood movies like Raja Natwarlal and Mr. Natwarlal were inspired by the adventurous life of real Natwarlal.

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