The Valentine Day depicts the true meaning of love. As the valentine day is around the corner, let’s know the different facets of modern love.

The couples and the lovers feel free to express their feelings on the auspicious Valentine Day. But the definition of love has changed these days.

The love turned into mind game for the lovers and couples as they want to dominate each other in every possible ways.

In fact, people enjoy the domination among their peers. Certainly, the love is nothing but a sugar-coated politics for such people.

Millions of people throughout their life never feel the fragrance of love. The relations between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends take ugly turn even on petty issues. The extramarital affairs have sown the seeds of hatred in the minds of couple leading to their separation.

The question arises that how you become jealous if you love someone. Love is sacred which has no place for any conflict.

If your partner falls in love with someone, you will get infuriated. Instead, you should feel proud of it that your partner is able to love someone. The credit goes to you that you have loved your partner so much that he/she has become competent enough to love other people.

Life is nothing but an opportunity for love to blossom. If you are alive, the opportunity is there even to the last breath.

Amar Kumar Sharma/JPN