1. Venezuelan poodle moth:

This weird looking animal is a new species of moth discovered in 2009. It bears similarities to the diaphora mendica, the muslin moth, but it belongs to the lepidopteran genus artace.

2. Blob fish:

The blob fish  is a deep sea fish of the family 'psychrolutidae'. It is found in deep water of mainland Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. It's length is 30 cm. The blob fish's shape gets changed when it is out of water, due to its low density flesh.

3. Frilled shark:

The frilled shark is mostly found in deep water and reportedly it attacks human beings. Long and extremely flexible jaw enables frilled shark to swallow whole prey at a time.

4. Pink fairy armadillo:

Pink fairy armadillo has small eyes, silky yellowish white fur and a flexible dorsal shell that are solely attached to its body. It grows to a length of about 4.5 inches and it is mostly found in the deserts and grasslands of Central Argentina. Pink Fairy's diet includes insects, worms, snails and plants.

5. Sea lamprey:

Lamprey is pretty common and horrifying. They can grow upto 90 cm in length. They are mainly found in the Northern  Atlantic Ocean along shore of Antarctica in the Western Mediterranean Sea and along the shore of the Great Lakes.

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