If you stroll along the streets of India, a thread of chillies and lemon hanging outside shops, offices and houses is a common sight that it's like a daily deed for any Indian but others notice this change in behaviour. As per the wide range of old wives tales that have been carried generation to generation, evil eye warder or nazar battu is fastened to keep Alakshmi at bay.

As per ancient mythology, Alakshmi, sister of goddess Laxmi, brings misfortune or bad luck to business or houses. In order to prevent her urge to enter home, people generally fasten these 7 chillies and lemon. It is believed that Alakshmi likes sour and pungent things.

Considering scientific outlook, chillies and lemon pierced into a thread keep pesticides away from homes and shops as thread absorbs the acid from the fruit. This simple practice of using this charm at homes has now rendered the title of  totka to frighten evil spirits.

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