Are you hoping for great New Year? As New Year is round the corner, bid adieu to all your woes of 2012 and let’s welcome the 2013 with joy and fervor. To know what stars hold for you, what will happen in your professional and love life or which colour is lucky for you in upcoming year, here we give you year forecast for 2013.

Aries (March 21-20 April):

Character: 2013 is going to be mix bag of feelings. While you may lose your temper sometimes and become restless, this year will bring fortune to you. Moreover, you will find spirituality in you.

Love: You will get combination of all feelings.

Family: Itsy-bitsy problems continue to bother you in your social life.  You may welcome new member in your family.

Health: Take care of your health. Avoid having outside or junk foods.

Career: You will get new ventures. Take decisions carefully. You may co-operate with people.

Students: Avoid being over confident.

(Colour:  Light red, Lucky number: 3, Lucky months: March and September)

Tauraus (April 21-21 May):

Character: This year, you will be polite and jovial in nature.

Love: Your love relation will become more intense.

Family: You will feel good. Auspicious and lucky event may happen this year.

Career: You will get success through your better performance. You may face some odd situations. But don’t panic, finely you will win.

Student: You will get better result.

Health: You may suffer from minor ailments this year.

(Colour: Purple, Lucky number: 6, Lucky months: June, July and October)

Gemini (May 22-21 June)

Character: Your intellectual quotients may enhance. You will have the courage to tackle complicated issues.

Love: Take precautions, otherwise it will land you in soup and you will end up with broken heart.

Family: Your feelings may hurt. Develop and enhance your resistant capacity.

Career: You may face depreciation in your intelligence and aptitude level. Some hindrance may occur and you will not get proper result.

Students: Your study may get hampered due to stress.

Health: Your health may get deteriorated, avoid the stress.

(Colour: Green, Lucky number: 6, Lucky months: June and August)

Cancer (June 22-22 July)

Character: This year, you will be more sensitive, curious and restless.

Love: Your love life may become strong. You may enter into wedlock with your beloved one or get engaged with your love.

Family: Your siblings will be happy, they will support you. But avoid false blame.

Career: Do not indulge into any kind of argument. Start new venture with proper care.

Students: You may visit foreign countries for further studies.

Health: On health issues, this year is not for you. Depression may bother you.

(Colour: Light orange, Luck number: 2, Lucky months: January, March and November)

Leo (July 23-23 August)

Character: You may develop incredible leadership capability due to your pleasing nature.

Love: Your entire year will be satisfying but titsy-bitsy issues may bother you.

Family: Your siblings may get success in 2013. You may free from legal problems.

Career: You may get opportunity to visit abroad for business or job purposes.

Student: This is right time to go abroad for studies.

Health: You may travel frequently. Your health will be fine.

(Colour: Dark grey, Lucky number: 5, Lucky Months: August and December)

Virgo (August 24-23 September)

Character: You may attract many people with your intellectual quotients.

Love: You may enter into wedlock this year. Now, put on your travelling shoes and explore the world with your partner.

Family: This year will be perfect for your family.

Career: Long journey will be benefited for your business. Avoid taking any kind of risk in your professional life.

Students: This year will be compatible for conventional students.

Health: This year will be favourable according to your health. Take care of your eyes.

(Colour: Light grey, Lucky number: 6, Lucky months: August and November)

Libra (September 24-23 October)

Character: Chivalrous people will have to avoid facing disregard of anyone. You will be more pleased this year.

Love: Your beloved may lie to you. Keep your eyes and ear open this year.

Family: Take proper care in your family issues. Your family members may differ with you on some issues. Control temper in such situation.

Career: Avoid easy way to earn money.

Students: You may suffer from mental ailments and you may develop some kind of STDs.

(Colour: Coffee, Lucky number: 3, Lucky months: March, April and October)

Scorpio (October 24-22 November)

Character: 2013 is for the people who are attractive and dynamic.

Love:  Take precautions in your love life else you may develop fear of losing respects.

Family: Some family members may become harsh to you.

Career: There is a possibility of growth in your business and job. Your competitors will try to harm your reputation.

Student: Don’t be irresponsible as it may hamper your studies.

Health: Your stamina may deteriorate slowly and steadily. This year will be favourable for your family members.

(Colour: Sea green, Lucky number: 6, Lucky months: March and May)

Sagittarius (November 23-23 December)

Character: You may be restless and agitated in 2013. Spiritual people may become honest and lovable this year.

Love: Your love life may become intense and your rigid behaviour may develop rift between your relations.

Family: You may get mix bag of results. You will get good news in the second half of this year. You may receive good news from your friends and well-wishers.

Student: Don’t be careless. You may go abroad for your studies.

Health: Keep proper check on your diet habits. Travel may exhaust your health. You may develop ear ailments.

(Colour: Light red, Lucky number: 7, Lucky months: November and December)

Capricorn (December 24-20 January)

Character: This year you will be kind, hesitant and vindictive. Stay away from any show off.

Love: You may get indulge with opulent people. You may get opportunity to travel.

Family: Avoid getting indulge into any trivial issues. You may get good opportunity.

Career: You may get good opportunity in your career. Time is favourable for you.

Student: It will be difficult for you to concentrate, therefore avoid stress.

Health:  Avoid any kind of mishaps. You may suffer from stress.

(Colour: Saffron, Lucky number: 3, Lucky months: May and July)

Aquarius (January 21-19 February)

Character: You will become angry and anxious easily this year.

Love: You may scuffle with someone. Your partner may get upset with you.

Family:  First half of this year will be favourable for you while the second one may bother you. You may become arrogant. You may doubt on your family’s love and affection.

Career: You will finish your important works. You may get good hike in your workplace.

Student: This year will be normal for you.

Health: Accept minor ailments, entire year will be favourable for you.

(Colour: Green, Lucky number: 5, Lucky months: Septmenber and December)

Pisces (February 20-20 March):

Character: You may become spiritual. You will be ideal person this year.

Love: Sailing in two boats may land you in soup. Take proper decision.

Family: You may feel little weirdness in your relatives’ behaviour.

Career: Relationships with your colleagues may turn sour. Avoid travelling.

Student: You may face trouble in your studies.

Health: You may suffer blood and skin related ailments.

(Colour: Light grey, Lucky number: 8, Lucky months: January, February, June and October)

Farhat Jabeen

Based on interview with famous astrologer Geeta Bhardwaaj

(Astro Healing India)

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