A website lists some of the signs that you must notice before you walk down the aisle:

Tight lipped: Young relationships are all about sharing and talking. But what if your future spouse says he's not comfortable talking about something "personal", like his approach to money? It's time to run then.

Sneaky behavior: If he's hiding or trying to hide money decisions from you while you're dating, it means in future there will be financial infidelity. If he's willing to lie about how much he spent during boy's weekend, or you're not sure where, exactly, his money is coming from, or he laughs about credit cards being somebody else's problem, then you've got a problem.

Inflexible attitude:
A great relationship is not about completion. It's about compromise. Seeing things differently provides discovery and balance to a relationship, unless your mate never, ever gives an inch toward your way of thinking.


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