Here's a list of things you can and you should spend your money extravagantly:

- Tailoring: Good tailoring can make an off-the-rack dress into something special.

- Skincare: Moisturisers or cleansers from a nearby drugstore can be the cause of acne or other skin issues. Those with especially sensitive skin should buy natural or handmade cosmetics that work well.

- Bags: A cheap bag will fall apart. Besides, people notice nice craftsmanship.

- Perfume: You need to spend on a fragrance that doesn't smell too sweet and lasts long.

- Bras: Cheap ones can be scratchy or get stretched out easily.

Save money on the following:

- Exercise clothes: Don't cough up money for exercise clothes. Use old t-shirts floating around your house as the workout wear anyway gets stained and sweaty.

- Pyjamas: Nothing is more comfortable to sleep in than underwear and a 30-year-old t-shirt.

- White t-shirts: White cotton t-shirts never stay white for too long so no point in spending a huge amount on them.


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