London: People, who are beautiful, are seen as good looking even if they change their faces into grimaces of disgust, surprise, fear or anger, a new research has claimed.

The research also found that people, who are unattractive, are seen as unappealing even if they smile broadly, as the underlying face structure is what others recognize and not the expression.

Dr Ed Morrison, Department of Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, found that facial attractiveness remained firm in people's minds no matter what expression a person displays, media reported.

Morrison said that the hard tissues of the face are unchangeable and it seems that both the sexes can tell if the underlying structure of the face is attractive or not, no matter what expression a person shows.

He asserted that people made decisions about the attractiveness of others based on their facial expression, which has less to do with deciding if they are attractive and much more to do with deciding if someone is worth pursuing a mate.

In the study, 128 men and women rated the attractiveness of 30 men and women, each of whom was photographed expressing happiness, neutral, sadness, surprise, fear, anger and disgust.

Both the sexes rated attractiveness of each face relatively equally, indicating that the sex of the model and the person rating them played no part in their decision.

The research is published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior.


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