No offence to girls, but the video shows what the poor guys face when their girlfriends are TRADITIONAL or DOMINATING, a SOCIAL butterfly or far too CLINGY.

The video teach you all. Don’t dare to send a NON VEG message to your TRADITIONAL girlfriend. Why? Cause she is a VEGETARIAN.

If you dream of gazing into your girlfriend’s eyes for hours, drop the plan it right now. Your SOCIAL girlfriend’s eyes are glued on her SMARTPHONE. Also, don’t regret spoiling the weekend date as your girlfriend has her BFF to party with.

If you accompany your girlfriend’s pet on your sister’s birthday, you are victim of a DOMINATING girlfriend. And, if your girlfriend always sticks to you, she is CLINGY.

Well, if you feel your girlfriend is one of these and you intend to find someone who is always open for intimacy, willing to give you a massage, always answers your call and don’t bother you with her hundred phone calls, then you are mistaken my friend A PERFECT GIRLFRIEND doesnot exist.

Every girl is perfect in her own ways. Do not typecast her, rather appreciate your relationship.


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