Around 100 metre long portion of an under-construction Vivekananda Flyover in a crowded area came down crushing people and vehicles.Here we bring to you some facts and figures from the past when similar incidents took away many lives. These have been taken from the records of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

In 2010, 985 deaths took place due to the collapse of residential buildings whereas crumbling of official and commercial buildings claimed 377 lives. In the same year, the collapse of dams and bridges claimed 15 and 49 lives respectively. In 2011, around 1050 people lost their lives due to the mishaps involving residential structures. Accidents involving official and commercial buildings accounted for 424 deaths while disasters involving dams and other buildings left 44 and 119 dead respectively.

In 2012, as many as 865 people were killed when their homes turned into their graveyards. The collapse of official structures led to 324 people losing their lives. Dams and bridges claimed 31 and 64 lives respectively.In 2013, about 947 people were killed when their residential structures came down and 432 people perished at their workplaces. The collapse of dams and bridges claimed 33 and 53 lives respectively.

In 2014, the collapse of residential structures led to 1067 deaths whereas 43 people lost their lives at workplace disasters. Mishaps involving dams and bridges resulted in 13 deaths. It is high time that the authorities take strict measures so that these kinds of tragedies are checked and prevented in future.

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