Kolkata: The alleged rape case of Anglo-Indian woman in a car took a new turn here on Thursday when Police Commissioner RK Pachnanda informed that one of the five occupants of the car named by the woman as L Gidwani was in Canada since January 2 as revealed by the immigration department.

On the other hand the other two persons Azhar Ali and Sarafat Ali who were detained on Wednesday evening were not present at the crime spot as traced by the mobile phone tower. Meanwhile, the police said that the women have been showing inconsistencies in her statements on the suspects.

The woman had filed a complaint alleging she was raped while returning from a night club on Park Street in central Kolkata on February 5 and police did not cooperate with her.

Asked about the alleged misbehaviour by police officers at Park Street police station when she went to lodge the complaint on February 9, Pachnanda said that the Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) would investigate the complaint.

Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Damayanti Sen said that the Anglo-Indian woman and her sister Nikki has been asked to identify Azhar and Sarafat. Astonishingly, the woman has identified them but arrested men have denied recognizing the woman.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has declared the incident as a conspiracy. According to her, it is a planned incident to taint the image of the government. She assured that the truth will be soon revealed as police is investigating into the case.