Kolkata:The Kolkata international book fair would have met with similar consequences like that of the Jaipur Literature Festival but the incident somehow was averted. If Salman Rushdie was at the centre of all the controversy in Jaipur, Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen evoked sharp reactions in Kolkata.Facing stiff resistance from radical groups against Taslima’s presence in the book fair, the organizers decided to cancel the release of her biography ‘Nirwasan‘.
In view of the protests, Nabrun Bhattacharya the son of noted Bangla writer Mahashweta Devi had to release the book.

During the book release, many radical groups raised slogans demanding Taslima to return back to Bangladesh and threatened protests at the book fair. They also demanded an apology from the publisher.

Fearing law and order situation the organizers had to cancel the booking of the auditorium where the book was to be released and was forced to hold the function outside the auditorium.

The book is written in Bengali and describes the reasons that compelled Taslima to leave Bangladesh and settle in Kolkata which she calls it her second home.

Shibani Mukherjee the publisher of the book has termed the ban as an attack on the freedom of expression while ,Sujato Bhadra, secretary APDR categorically said that despite change in the regime in the state, there has not been any change in attitude of the government towards Taslima.

While reacting on the entire episode on Twitter Taslima wrote, the organizers of the Book Fair were compelled to cancel the programme as some radicals were opposed to it. Taslima also revelaed that the she was asked by the Kolkata police to cancel the programme.