London: 'Spartan' star Kristen Bell says she regularly seeks help from a therapist to keep her mental health in tip-top shape.
The 30-year-old actress is aware anyone come succumb to the blues so she often meets with her counselor to talk through her problems, reported a daily.
"I love my therapist. When I have an issue that I need to work through, going to therapy gives me a bigger toolbox to do so.
"Talking with friends helps, too. I can say crazy things to my friends, things I'm embarrassed to admit, like, 'I feel so ugly or worthless today.' They say, 'What? You're nuts!' Having good, real friends builds your self-esteem exponentially," she said.
Earlier, Bell, who has been engaged to actor Dax Shepard for two years, said she does not want to get married as it will bring too much stress in her life.