Los Angeles: Robert Pattinson, who is seen marrying girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart in 'Breaking Dawn Part 1', thinks the actress looks "amazing" as a bride.

The 25-year-old actor said that Stewart made heads turn as she appeared dressed a bride to shoot the wedding scene, which is seen at the beginning of the upcoming 'Twilight Saga' instalment, reported People magazine.

"I'd seen her in the wedding dress, but pretty much everyone in the cast hadn't seen her. So when she's walking down the aisle and everyone turns around to her, it's genuine curiosity because there was so much secrecy about it," said Pattinson.

But the actor himself was a bit confused by the secrecy. "It's a white dress," he joked. "But it's beautiful, it's an incredible dress. She looks amazing."

Participating in an on-screen wedding gave Pattinson new appreciation for real-life nuptials, too.

"Watching Kristen she had to take all the nerves, all the heavy lifting in the scene. You suddenly realize that the role of a man, the role of a groom in a wedding, is that of a prop," he said.