London: 'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart says since the vampire franchise wrapped, she misses her co-star Taylor Lautner as they were such good friends.
The 21-year-old actress got close to her co-star while filming the vampire movies and although they no longer see each other as frequently as they used to, she makes sure they keep in touch as much as possible by phone and email, as reported.

"When I don't see Taylor for a while I take out my phone and call him. It's not like I see him all the time or every day, it's just that when you work with people like that, you can give so much. It's so comfortable, you can do no wrong - they've got you. We get along together and I think it shows," she said.

Stewart, who is dating her on screen lover Robert Pattinson, says she is close to all her castmates and she doesn't think she could have made the five movies in the series if they didn't all get on so well.

"I couldn't have done this without them. I can't imagine what this movie would have been if I didn't have really solid and always growing - relationships with them," she added.