He tweeted "I just want to know why parents of these shameless people don't commit suicide before seeing their children having sex on National TV? I can't believe that girls and boys are having sex in washrooms in Bigg Boss 7 and producers are showing on National TV.  Ye Kis Behaya Family Se Hain."
His revelation stirred a huge controversy and the entire focus shifted to what's happening in the washrooms of Bigg Boss reality show.

I will sue Sofia: Armaan Kohli's father

Bigg Boss viewers must have noticed that two couples, Kushal-Gauhar and Armaan-Tanisha, visiting the washroom together to resolve a matter or to hide what they do not want on cameras to be seen.

After seeing Armaan-Tanisha and Kushal-Gauhar locked in bathroom, KRK asserted that such an act of these in-house couples suggests nothing but a sharp sign that they are getting intimate in the washroom.


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