Below are a few excerpts from the interview, where the actor gets candid about his health, success, and why he doesn't bother himself with the superstar tag.

Talking about Krrish 3, what’s a bigger high, the money it has grossed or that it has broken records of the Khans?

None. What really gives me the high is the victory of the journey that we underwent. We enjoyed the process of the film and spent every single day in complete enthusiasm. The number is just a consequence of that journey. It is important, of course, but the only thing is that these results in motivating us further and aspire to take on bigger things.

It was a huge risk...

It is a foregone conclusion in my head that I have to take as many risks as possible. I know there is an equation between hard work and success. Krrish was a risk in every single way. It had the kind of budget that we couldn’t’ afford. And then that VFX which we wanted all to be done in India. The risk was humongous. Even when we were done with the script, we had thought of abandoning it. Dad (Rakesh Roshan) almost shelved the film three to four times midway. But I am glad we went ahead and the universe supported us. We were little scared throughout. It had such a high budget that it had to be absolutely loved not just liked.

How do you feel when called a superstar?

It is just a label lovingly bestowed upon me. I respect that but it is still just a label. I wake up like others and I still have the problems like others do. This label is just a pat on the back but doesn’t define me. If I start taking it too seriously, I will never be able to grow.

Your dad is said to be very money smart. Are you?

Now I am. I’ve learnt a lot over the last two or three years. I am now smarter. It is nice to be educated about money and business. I have always invested well but now I invest better.

Does money make you feel secure?

Not at all. I truly think that nothing external can make you secure because they might leave you some day. True security is being reliant on yourself. I know it is easier said than done. But I have learnt to depend on myself for my happiness. You just need to have the right perspective. Believe me.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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