Panaji, Jan 13 (Agencies): Ban on iron ore transportation from the neighbouring Karnataka and truckers' strike at home may reduce the Goa's iron ore exports this season.

Goa Mineral Ore Exporters Association (GMOEA) predicts a downfall of at least 10 per cent in the iron ore exports, considering the trend till December 2010 when it exported 28 million tonnes of ore against the season's expectation of 53 MT exports.

Of the total 53 MT ore, 45 was from the 100 local mining leases while the rest was transported from the neighbouring state of Karnataka.

"Since last two months, there is a ban on transportation of ore from Karnataka. Also, local factors like strike by truckers play a role in adding to the woes," GMOEA Secretary Glen Kalavampara said.

The truckers transporting the ore have struck work, demanding higher rates for the transportation. The issue at present is looked at by the State Government constituted committee.

Kalavampara said that the strike if it continues for more days is likely to dent the ferrous exports.

Goa also faced prolonged monsoons which delayed the season. The exporters feel that with the current pace, the business is not looking too great.

"We are optimistic that the situation will improve," Kalavampara said.

Although the season does not look bright for the exporters, the revised royalty on the ore has brought cheers for the state treasury.

"We have collected Rs 536 crore as a royalty on the ore exports till December. We expect to beat the target of Rs 600 crore as projected in the state budget," Arvind Lolienkar, Director Mines and Geology department, said.