Bangalore, Jan 23 (Agencies): Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has ruled out stepping down following sanction for his prosecution by Governor HR Bhardwaj, whom he dubbed as "a political agent of the UPA" trying to destabilise the BJP government.

"Why should I," he shot back at a press conference here when asked if he would resign in the wake of Governor's decision. "If somebody gives a complaint (against a Chief Minister) in India.... has anybody resigned. Why should I," he retorted.

Hitting back at Bhardwaj, the CM asserted that he would prove his innocence "100 per cent" and dismissed as "unconstitutional and malafide" the Governor's decision to sanction his prosecution on allegations of land scam and corruption.

Yeddyurappa described the Governor as a political agent of the UPA and alleged that his mission appeared to be to destabilise the BJP government. He also alleged that the Governor took the decision in collusion with opposition Congress and JD-S.

Seeking to invoke the pride of Karnataka, Yeddyurappa accused Bhardwaj of having hurt the sentiments of the people of the state by his remarks against his government. "By calling the Chief Minister of the state 'a thief complaining against the police', the Governor has hurt the sentiments of the people and the pride of Karnataka," he said, adding the people have given vent to their pent-up feelings against him by observing a bandh on Saturday.

The CM also said the complaint petitions filed by the two advocates (based on which the Governor gave his sanction) has "not made out a clear-cut case." "The Governor neither bothered to give me a copy of the complainant's petitions nor an opportunity to explain my point of view," he rued.

Describing Bhardwaj as an "individual with political ambition", he charged the Governor with lowering the dignity of the office, over-reaching his constitutional role, discharging his duties which were unbecoming of the office he held and acting in a hasty manner vis-a-vis the complaints filed by the two advocates.

The chief minister said people voluntarily participated in Saturday's bandh, which he termed as "hugely successful", and "expressed anger" against the governor's action. On inconvenience caused to the people during the bandh, Yeddyurappa said he did not "call for a bandh" but offered apology to the people.

He also hastened to add that Governor should apologise as the latter was "responsible" for the bandh. But Yeddyurappa, then, added: "On behalf of the Governor, as the Chief Minister, I am apologising."