Moscow: Amid the soaring controversy over the setting up of Kudankulam nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday announced the construction of Unit I of the Russia-supplied nuclear plant in a couple of weeks and the Unit II within six months.

Addressing the joint press conference with the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev here on Friday, the Prime Minister said that both the nations have reached an agreement for the first and second unit of the nuke plant and Russia will start providing the financial package soon.

It is noteworthy that the highly placed sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation had on Thursday indicated that both the countries are likely to settle their scores over the nuclear liability legislation that emerged as a bone of contention between the two nations.

Meanwhile, the announcement is likely to stir the hornet’s nest in the coming days as the Central and state governments have so far not settled their differences over the set up of nuclear plant.

It is worth mentioning that the initial contract for the project was signed between Rajiv Gandhi and Mikhail Gorbacov in 1988. After this, the project did not see any progress due to political instability in Russia for a long period of ten years.

Presently both the units are in their advance stage. It is noteworthy that the first reactor was proposed to be launched in June 2011 while the second is planned to be launched in March 2012, but due to controversy and rift between both the countries the project failed to be operationalised on time.