The poet-turned-politician said that he fears AAP turning into a ‘typical political party’.
"The day it becomes a typical political party (god forbid), I will quit politics," he said in an interview to a private channel.

On a question whether he will ever join BJP, he said, "I may come out of AAP but will not join BJP."
On being asked about incidents, which he did not like personally, he said, "What was the need to throw stones at the BJP headquarters if your leader was attacked there (Gujarat). Whoever took that decision was wrong and whoever went there was wrong."
He also criticized AAP's decision of giving up power in Delhi and maintained that it should not have happened.

"It was his (Kejriwal's) call that if we cannot pass the Janlokpal Bill despite being in power, then it's dishonesty," he said.     

The AAP leader also praised Modi for his visit to Kashmir observing that the government under him seems "acting".
"Like during the J&K floods, Home Minister went there, then the next day, the Prime Minister went there. This has sent a message that the Prime Minister is ours," he said.

On being asked whether he finds Modi proactive, Vishwas said, "Yes definitely, the Modi government has come out of the policy paralysis of the previous government and doing a few things, but when it comes to delivering on promises like bringing back black money that has not happened."
He said that if he praised Modi's visit to Japan in a tweet, he also criticized the alleged "hate" remarks made by Yogi Adityanath the same day in another tweet.
He also said that if the Modi-led dispensation fails to deliver its promise, then "we will do the same against this government what we did against the Congress government at Ramlila Maidan and Jantar Mantar".
On reports that he was going to an event in Surat to commemorate PM's birthday, he said he has been participating in that event for years and does not find it strange to participate at an event honouring his ‘political rival’.
"I don't understand political rivalry. Modi is the Prime Minister of the country. He is standing on one end of politics and we on another. Today, if he is PM, then he is my PM, even if I have not voted for him. If he governs well, I will praise him and if he doesn't, I will criticize him."

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