After making a groove in Bollywood with his stupendous performance, well-known actor Kunal Kapoor is essaying his new hobby. The actor is busy doing scriptwriting for some films. He pours out his ecstasy in writing and many other things while speaking with Delhi Desire.

Penning down thoughts

When any idea comes to my mind, I just scribble down that take the shape of a poem, which may or may not be good. I am not a talented writer but I inherit creativity from my father.

Developing ideas

Yes, I am doing script- writing but not production work. I can’t say I am a scriptwriter but I only indulge in developing an idea. I work with directors discussing ideas for script. I am right now working on some scripts.

Hate criticism

It certainly feels bad when you face scathing attack but if criticism comes from good people you can take it positively. Sometimes people pull you up only for the sake of doing it. So, you have to decide whether criticism isconstructive or just rubbish.

Think a lot

Before starting any work, I think earnestly over it. Sometimes I feel I shouldn’t be thinking so much. But good thing is that I do have a lot of patience.

Love to explore world

Nowadays, I am taking flying lessons. I wish to go for world-wide tour by plane flying by my own.

Look make-over

I have refurbished my look after long time. Earlier I used to wear long hair and beard.

Martial Arts

I try several options to stay fit including regular workout and do south Indian martial art ‘kalarippayattu’.

Delhi, my home

Delhi is like home to me. I have spent many years here. I also use to enjoy summer and winter vacations here as my maasi and mama reside here.

Carrier started in Delhi

I began my carrier as an actor in Delhi. But I worked as an assistant director in Bollywood and later on came into acting.

Nothing like homemade food

I love eating at home. Home-cooked food has no match at all.

Courtesy: Delhi Desire