Ghaziabad: After creating horror in September 2011 when hundreds of devotees fell ill by consuming Kuttu flour (buckwheat flour), the same tragedy seemingly struck again this festive season. Six members of a family are suffering from food poisoning in Ghaziabad district after they reportedly ate food made of 'kuttu' flour.

According to police, Shivkumar, an employee of a private bank who lives in Didholi village, said that his family members had taken 'kuttu' meal on Tuesday evening as they were observing Navratra fast.

Kuttu flour is consumed by the Hindu devotees during Navratri when they observe fast in respect of Goddess Durga.  Soon after taking the food, Shivkumar’s children complained of vomiting and diarrhoea and were admitted to a hospital. "Their condition has improved. They suffered from food poisoning due to contaminated flour," a doctor said.

Earlier in September 2011, when people were observing Shardiya Navratri, over 100 people fell ill after consuming kuttu atta (buckwheat flour) in different parts of Panipat. The victims included women, children and senior citizens who were rushed to hospitals after they developed vomiting and giddiness on consuming the flour.


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