“This is an entertaining film replete with an emotional story. But this film does not tread on the cheap lines of commercial Hindi cinema,” justifies Y P Singh while speaking about his upcoming film ‘Kya Yehi Sach Hain’. After creating waves in the political, administrative and social corridors with his much talked about book ‘Carnage by Angels’, author Y P Singh has painted the life story of a police officer on the celluloid.

“After my book was released, many producers showed their keen interest to make a film on the book. Few of them even approached me but I didn’t give a nod. I felt that they would not be able to do justice to the story. I did not want a commercial film to be made on the book,” said Singh.

Taking the challenge head on, Y P Singh himself decided to make the film based on his book and wrote the script. He himself selected the cast of the film keeping an acute eye on the characters requirement.

He is confident that his film ‘Kya Yehi Sach Hain’ will get a positive response from the audiences.

 “I have tried to present the film in a very real manner and portray the struggle of a police officer as genuinely as possible. I did not go for a popular star for the lead role as that would kill the main highlight of the story which is its plot. The star would overshadow the script,” Singh added.