New Delhi: The over a month long standoff between the management and workers of Maruti Suzuki India's Manesar plant ended on Saturday following talks brokered by the Haryana government.

In an agreement, the workers agreed to sign the contentious good conduct bond laid down by the management.

Under the agreement, the company agreed to conditionally take back 18 trainees who were suspended.

However, it would not take back the 44 regular employees against whom disciplinary action was taken and that they would be under suspension.

"This reinforces the management's position that indiscipline is not acceptable. The agreement will create a conducive environment for the company's growth and the workers' prosperity," said a company official who took part in the talks.

Asked what action would be taken against the suspended employees, the official said “Law will take its course."

The talks were brokered by the Haryana government with officials, including Deputy Labour Commissioner J P Mann, Assistant Labour Commissioner Nitin Yadav and Gurgaon District Commissioner P C Meena, involved in hectic negotiations.

Later, Haryana Minister for Labour and Employment Shiv Charan Lal Sharma also joined the talks held at Gurgaon.

As per the agreement, no work no pay policy would be implemented for the standoff period.

Maruti Udyog Kamgar Union (MUKU) had represented the Manesar plant workers during the negotiations as the management refused to talk directly to the rebel body, Maruti Suzuki Employees Union (MSEU). Some representatives of MSEU were however present during the talks.

The MSI management and workers have been locked in a standoff since August 29, when the management prevented workers from entering the factory premises unless they signed a "good conduct" bond, after alleged sabotage and deliberate compromise on the quality of cars being produced.

The bond required the workers to declare they would "not resort to go slow, intermittent stoppage of work, stay-in- strike, work-to-rule, sabotage or otherwise indulge in any activity, which would hamper normal production in the factory.

The workers had refused to sign the bond.

In support of their colleagues at MSI's Manesar plant, workers at three factories operated by two of Japan’s Suzuki Motor Corp's subsidiaries located in the Gurgaon-Manesar industrial belt — Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd and Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd — went on a two day strike earlier this month.

Three workers of Manesar plant were arrested for inciting violence but were later released on bail during the standoff, which had severely affected production at the plant.

The company has, however, brought it to almost normal levels during the month by bringing additional workforce.