With the Presidential election inching closer, the political corridor is abuzz with activity. But there seems lack of consensus over the Presidential candidate among political parties. Not only the NDA but the UPA too has failed to strike any agreement. Interestingly, regional parties for the first time have showed their desperation to field their own candidates thereby indicating that the number of Prime Ministerial aspirants for the 2014 general elections is going to swell and a President of their choice can play a vital role in bid for the post of the Prime Minister. To elect a President with such intentions would definitely deteriorate the dignity associated with the office of the President. Though, efforts are being made to build a consensus over the candidature for the Presidentship but at the same time it is very unlikely that the Congress and the BJP would choose to sit together to discuss the matter.

The ruling party and the opposition can very well choose their own candidates but it would be better if they evolve unanimity on one name for the post of the President. When the political parties cannot build a consensus on the presidential candidate then how can we expect them to do so in matters related to national importance? This is fast becoming a trend and a tool for the government to make excuses regarding their failure. If a consensus is not built over the presidential candidature then each party will issue whip to vote for its own candidate. Political parties should summon up enough courage and allow the MPs to elect the candidate of their own choice. But disappointingly this looks like a distant dream.