New Delhi: Even though the Union government after the Mumbai blasts has been making tall claims about the need for a better coordination amongst the security and investigative agencies, the ground reality depicts a totally different picture altogether. The situation has dipped to the extent that even the top agencies are unwilling to share information with each other. 

The fresh dispute has erupted between the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) under the Finance Ministry and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) of the Home Ministry over sharing mobile phone records of arrested Turkish citizens.

Taking the credit of busting the fake currency note racket, DRI has not provided the mobile phone details of Turkish citizens to the IB.
It is worth mentioning that the DRI had arrested two Turkish citizens possessing fake currency notes worth Rs 1.5 crore in the national capital which were brought from Bangladesh.

After the seizer of the fake notes, DRI handed over both of them to the IB for further interrogation. The DRI handed over all the documents related to the probe barring the mobile phone records to the IB.

Given the fact that through the operation of fake currency notes the ISI provides funds to the terrorists, the IB started to investigate into the Turkish citizens’ link with the people in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. The IB demanded the records of mobile phones from the DRI which took no note of the request.

IB official said the fake currency note racket and terrorism are linked with each other. The IB’s aim to find out the link of Turkish citizens went in vain as DRI refused to provide details of mobile phone records in the case.