New Delhi: Minorities, especially Muslims, are a big vote bank for all political parties when it comes to electoral politics. However, when it comes to all-round development of minorities none of them seem to be concerned.

The Central and state government are least interested for their development. And what’s ironical is the fact that it’s not the lack of funds but the political will that is hampering their growth.

Out of a total corpus of Rs 1400 crore, allocated for minority-dominated areas on education, water and medicines in the minority-dominated areas for 2010-11fiscal, Rs 500 crore remained unutilized. 

In the 11th plan period, Rs 3,780 crores was to be spent on development of minorities. But, Rs 2500 crore is still to be allotted, leaving several projects stranded. State governments have been found wanting in forwarding proposals aimed at development of minorities.

Uttar Pradesh has 21 districts that are dominated by minorities (maximum in any state).  The Central government has allocated Rs 600 crore for these districts, but the state government has not even spent half of it. The state government had to send a revised proposal of Rs 40 crore for Khiri, Pilibhit, Shravasti, Barabanki and Bijnaur. But, till now it has failed to do so.

The condition in Bihar is worse than UP.  The Central government allocated Rs 250 crore for seven districts which have been declared minority dominated.  But, till March 31, 2011, merely Rs 68 crore was spent. The state had not sent revised proposals worth for more than Rs 100 crore.