London: Women, please note -- make sure that you sleep for seven hours daily, for a study claims that lack of shut-eye every night could take a toll on your health, but it may not affect men at all.

Researchers in Britain have found that women who regularly sleep five hours or less are twice likely to have high blood pressure and subsequently heart disease than those who shut eye for seven hours a night.

According to a report in fact, the study suggests that lack of sleep hits women harder -- both physically and emotionally -- than men.

According to the researchers from the University of Warwick Medical School, though there is a strong link between acute sleep deprivation and high blood pressure in women, no such link was found in men.

"Numerous studies now show that short and poor quality sleep, over a protracted period is more likely to make both men and women die earlier than they should. However, we have spotted important gender differences -- particularly in theincidence of high blood pressure," Francesco Cappuccio, who led the study, said.