London: ‘Poker face’ hit maker Lady Gaga ended her birthday celebrations in her usual risqué fashion- by getting drunk and running through the hotel corridor naked. She turned 25.

When the Grammy winning hit maker woke up the next morning she had to run back to her room, this time again without a scrap of clothing on her, reported a website.

"I had this funny moment after my 25th birthday where I woke up alone and naked in a hotel room in LA. I had no clothes in my bedroom and had to run to the closest room," said the Grammy winning hit maker.

"I had a look if anyone was around and ran across the hallway. I felt like a six-year-old girl who's hiding from the universe hoping no one will see her," added Gaga who is famous for her risqué videos which use a lot of religious imagery.

The singer has come under fire from Catholics for being "blasphemous" but the singer has said that the video is not a religious statement.