London: Pop diva Lady Gaga was fined by French police for disturbing peace in Paris after she made an appearance that led to traffic jams.

The 25-year-old singer, who is currently promoting her new album 'Born This Way' in Europe, caused chaos on theFrench capital's streets after emerging from her posh Park Hyatt hotel window to throw petals on her fans who hadgathered in huge numbers.

However, the 'Judas' hitmaker's act landed her in trouble with the officials.

"Gaga was given a telling off for her antics. Hotel bosses tried to get her to come in (from the window) because of the frenzy she was creating outside but she didn't listen, so the police turned up and fined her. She was like a woman possessed.”

 "She threw hundreds of rose petals and shouted over and said 'I love you my little monsters'," said a source.