Stockholm: Pop singer Lady Gaga will be the guest editor-in-chief for all the editions of Metro newspaper on May 17.

“We're thrilled to have Lady Gaga take the helm of our newspapers for the day! Together with Lady Gaga, Metro World News and our local teams will produce a one-of-a-kind newspaper on May 17,” Maggie Samways, executive vice president and global editor-in-chief of the paper, said in a statement.

“Lady Gaga is an extraordinary artistic force, so I'm confident that the edition will reflect her personality: creative, inspiring -- and surprising!' Samways added.

Gaga, whose highly anticipated ‘Born This Way’ album slated for release on May 23, will highlight issues surrounding equality and individuality.

She will be editing Metro's editions in 20 countries from the London office of Metro World News, Metro's central news desk.

“A collaboration between the world's biggest pop star today and the largest newspaper is a dynamic way to together engage shared group of young monsters -- sorry, readers -- on important issues,' said Christian Quarles, vice president and global marketing director of Metro.