London: Pop star Lady Gaga will show her most 'vulnerable state' to fans in a photobook. Photographer Terry Richardson has captured the ups and downs in her life over a period of six months in the book.

Gaga teamed up with Richardson during her Monster Ball tour and while recording her album 'Born This Way'.

'This is me in my most completely vulnerable state. Terry was with me during breakups, during get-togethers, during party times, sad times, landmark moments in my career.

'When I wake up in the morning, going to sleep... he was there during these completely unadulterated, unmanufactured, completely authentic moments,' she said.

'For those of you that ask me, `What do you look like in the morning?'

`What do you do when you get milk? ` `What do you look like at the grocery store?` You`re going to get all of those answers in this book, because he doesn`t believe in farce,' she added.