London: Pop star Lady Gaga's mother cried when she refused to use a stunt double for scenes with exploding cars in her promo for 'Marry the Night'.
The 25-year-old said her parents Joseph and Cynthia, who were on set, were unhappy with her decision to risk her safety for her art, as reported.

"We really lit the cars on fire, we really exploded them. My dad and my mom were in a car somewhere and my mum was like crying and so upset because I didn't want to use a stunt double. I never use doubles for anything. So we filmed this shot of the explosion," said Gaga.
Gaga also said her father understood her vision for the 14-minute video and praised how raw the finished clip was.
"My dad called me and he was like, 'That was so raw, and the angles that you chose.' My dad really understands me. So he said he loved how linear it was in the beginning, and then in the middle it was chaotic and at the end it was graphic, but that it wasn't really." she said.