"From Komal Gandhar, defining the raga in the morning, to Jugalbandi our endeavour has been to take the foodie into a culinary expedition from the Nizam land to the empire of Nawabs in Awadh and Pashtun land through fusion kebabs hunting centuries old recipes of royal kichens," reputed Mughal cuisine chef Debashis Kundu said.

"For Nawab ki pasand to kalaklar ki pasand, for the first time we have brought the smell and taste of the Kakori Kebab, an Awadh speciality also associated with the Freedom movement. Along with succulence of Chaplii kebab, enjoyed immensely in Pakistan and Afghanistan with the taste remaining traditional through centuries," said Kundu.
He further added "blending distinct features from their disparate locales in Hyderabad, Awadh and Lahori the Dil Ka Rishta, Dil Khus, Pathar ka Gosht and Shirmal kebabs were among the 25 varieties of cuisines served in fusion style for the East Indian foodies."    

The food expedition will now reach Murshidabad, another Royal hotspot in the country, to uncover the favourite cuisine of Nawab Murshidkuli Khan, Kundu, having rustled up the Hyderabadi delicacy as chef earlier, said.


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