Lakhimpur case: In the initial investigation reports of the Lakhimpur case, the CBCID has arrived to the conclusion that 14-year-old Sonam was murdered by Constable Vinay Kumar Singh who tried to molest her.

Explaining the modus operandi, the agency said when the girl threatened to shout and call the villagers, the constable strangled her to death. Later with the help of two more people he hanged the body to a tree in order to portray it as a suicide. The alleged constable, posted at Nighasan police station of the district, along with the two unidentified people is absconding.

CBCID which submitted its report to the government on Thursday also stated that the SHO and the doctors who performed the autopsy tried to conceal the facts.

Even though the government has not made any official statement regarding the report, it is expected that it would present the report before the Lucknow High Court bench on Friday.

Following the instructions of Chief Minister Mayawati, the police have already questioned the parents and brother of the deceased along with more than 500 people. On the basis of statements received from the suspended doctors who performed the first autopsy, the room of the constable was searched and a blood drenched bed cover recovered.  

Later the forensic report confirmed that the blood was of deceased Sonam.

CBCID team arrived in Lakhimpur on Wednesday and after discussing the matter with ADG Ramdev the team drafted its initial investigating reports.

(JPN/ Bureau)