Lucknow: Contrary to popular perception that docors are the incarnation of god on the earth, doctors today seem to be in hand in glove with the police in Lakhimpur murder case in which a minor girl was allegedly raped and murdered by the cops inside the Nighasan police station compound.

The doctors are reported to have made a postmortem report in accordance with the wishes of police that ruled out rape. The truth came to the light when the Uttar Pradesh government ordered for a second autopsy report.

The incident is not the first of its kind in Uttar Pradesh. The state has already witnessed many such spine-chilling cases. A 17-year old Dalit girl was raped and strangulated in Chinhat earlier this year.

The family members of the victim registered a complaint with police station, while the cops ruled out rape as the accused had allegedly struck a deal with doctors who prepared the autopsy report according to the requirements of the police that rejected murder and rape.

When National Commission of Scheduled Castes (NCSC) took up the case with the help of the Opposition parties of the state, the government ordered second autopsy report in which rape and murder of the victim was confirmed.

In 2010, the Moradabad police unearthed another racket operated by a doctor and two other pharmacists who prepared autopsy report without conducting postmortem.

A few months back, the state encountered another case of sexual harassment when Divya, a fourth standard student of Gyan Bharati, was sexually assaulted on the school premises and later died in the hospital.

The Uttar Pradesh police tried to protect the accused with the help of wrong autopsy report. The matter was highlighted by the media that forced the state government to reinvestigate the case.  The government asked the Medical Council of India to act against the guilty doctors involved in the Divya case.

The state government has recently assured to take strict action against the guilty doctors.