Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah finally succeeded to foil the BJP’s attempt of hoisting the Tricolour at the historic place Lal Chowk on the occasion of the Republic Day, but it is not such a great work for which he should feel proud. It was a sheer egoism and his obduracy that he stopped the BJP’s Ekta Yatra by hook or crook from unfurling the national flag. It is very difficult for him to explain his rationale for not allowing the BJP to hoist the flag. This will definitely not solace separatists nor motivate them to join the mainstream politics to protect the sovereignty of the country, rather this will spur their courage to achieve their agenda. It is moot point that the Central government also joined the Omar’s bandwagon. Can the government explain why hoisting the national flag at Lal Chowk was blown out of proportion? Everyone has sovereign right to hoist the national flag at any part of independent India. Is Lal Chowk not the part of India? Why is it being made an emotive issue? Whom does the Central government want to woo for getting political mileage? Needless to say that the BJP wanted to settle political score by hoisting the flag, but it would not have brought any loss to the nation. It was only separatists who had hiccup on hoisting the tricolor at Lal Chowk. Surprisingly, Omar attached more importance to the stand of the separatists. The J-K government and the ruling dispensation may not have achieved anything from thwarting the flagging plan of the saffron party, rather the separatists of Valley have been in a gainful position as this cacophony and antagonistic politics spelt out the message that Lal Chowk has been no-go zone.

Omar has moulded himself to such a statesmanship who is known to have soft gesture towards the separatists. The Chief Minister let the BJP to speak out volumes that his fraternal attitude towards the separatists can stop anyone to showcase his patriotism by hoisting Tiranaga at Lal Chowk on the occasion of the Republic Day. Omar’s tough approach to the flag issue will deeply etched in people’s memory and it could have repercussion on his political course. It is disappointing, the Central government failed to convince the Omar government that disapproving flag hoisting and stubbornly stopping citizens from celebrating the Republic Day at Lal Chowk are quite a different thing. There should have been criticism for using the national flag for scoring political points, but not allowing people to hoist Tiranga on the Republic Day on the ground that it could breach the peace in the Valley appears groundless and irrational. The nation wants to know, will solution of the Kashmir issue be sought by indulging the separatists?