Urging the central government to enact anti-racial law to stop such incidents, the chief minister lamented that the Northeastern people are "not considered as Indians"."The anti-racial law has to be enacted because if we do not contain it (attacks on Northeastern people), it will spread communalism and may also fuel secessionism.

"We have to stop this as quickly as possible," Lal Thanhawla said.Terming the attacks as very unfortunate, he said that the Northeast people were treated as if they were not Indians.The chief minister then went on to illustrate the typical mindset by giving an example. "One fellow once asked me, where is Mizoram. Is it in China or in Nepal? He said we don't look like an Indian. I asked him, tell me in one sentence how does an Indian look like? Why can not Northeastern people be considered as Indians even after 60 years of Independence? Ask them how can we become more Indian than we have been."

The chief minister said that very few people realised that India was populated by three major races -- Dravidians in the South, Aryans in Northern and Central India and Mongoloids in the Northeastern region."Besides, other tribes are scattered in various parts of the country. Unless people realise this, we cannot expect oneness," he pointed out.Talking about easing of Inner Line Permit issuance for visiting Mizoram by people from other parts of the country,Lal Thanhawla said his government would start giving ILP online very soon for convenience of visitors.

"There is no problem in regard to Mizoram ILP. In check posts, it can be issued within seconds. In airport, it can be issued on arrival within seconds. In our Mizoram Houses in every part of our country, one can obtain this in few minutes. There is no problem at all in whatsoever," he said.

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