Mehmood Abdi, the Deputy president of RCA, and eleven others have filed a writ petition against State of Rajasthan through the Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan, The Commissioner of Police, SHO Jyoti Nagar, Pathan, Shakti Singh and Mohammad Iqbal, claiming that a mob of around 100 persons, led by respondents, forcibly entered the RCA Office but no action was taken.

Apart from that, Pathan and Singh declared themselves as acting president and acting secretary respectively claiming that they had removed Modi and Sumendra Tiwari from their respective posts.

No such appointments to the post of president, secretary and treasurer can be made in the absence of valid election in the presence of Observer as per the Rajasthan Sports Act, 2005.

The so-called EGM was illegal and it appears that false and fabricated documents signed by unauthorised and fictitious persons have been prepared by respondents showing them as representatives of the District Cricket Association to make a claim.

There is no provision of any no confidence motion in Rajasthan Sports Act. Article 19A requires 3/4th majority of the voting members to pass such a resolution and a quorum of 2/3 members.

Abdi has pleaded that the proper security should be provided to the petitioners an enquiry may be initiated against respondents for allowing wrongful possession of the RCA office.

Meanwhile the Pathan group has hit hard on Modi group alleging that the former IPL commissioner had tweeted that Pathan was having the backing of mafia Don Dawood Ibrahim.

"We had backed Modi till was serving cricket but he has brought disrepute to Rajasthan Cricket by tweeting that RCA officials were having backing mafia kingpin Dawood Ibrahim. Lalit Modi and his men have paid a whopping more than one crore of rupees to their RCA lawyers and had brought RCA to such a point where it was suspended by BCCI and teams weren't allowed to play in its name." said Pathan claiming that his group had a clear cut majority of 24 district members out of total 33 districts.

"They are questioning the EGM but we have followed the due procedure and we can prove it." he added.

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