Party Spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said while the party's top leadership has made its position clear on the issue of Swaraj, the validity of the documents produced against Raje are not yet verified.

"The question is imaginary. There is no technical and legal basis that you can say there is any point of impropriety," he said to questions on whether there will be action against Swaraj and Raje.
To a question on whether they will be removed, he said, "The very question is imaginary and there is no reason behind it."

He also rejected any corruption or impropriety by the two leaders for their alleged links with Lalit Modi and termed as 'laughable' the questions raised by Congress.

"We have already made it clear that there is no corruption. There is no technical or legal definition of corruption or inappropriation that is not evident. Opposition is using these issues to make a mountain out of a molehill for their own political gains on feeble grounds," he said.

Asked why BJP took so much time to come out in support of Raje, he said the questions raised by the media were 'imaginary'.
“Before making any demand, it should be seen whether it is substantive and whether any wrong-doing or corruption has taken place. To make such a demand in the absence of substantive evidence is not right and baseless," he said.

He said Raje has clarified her position on the issue to the party top brass and the talks between the party and her are continuing. He, however, rejected any demand for any inquiry, internal or otherwise, against Raje.

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