Prasad, a former Chief Minister of Bihar, also slammed the JD(U) government in the state. He said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was now staging a "farce" after remaining with the BJP for 17 years.

"Since the divorce between JD(U) and BJP, they (BJP) are now up to the task of spreading violence. Amit Shah who is the second in command (in BJP), the general manager of Gujarat riots has now reached UP and Bihar too. Muzaffarnagar is just the beginning...they will create much more communal tension," the RJD chief alleged.

"...We had apprehensions, the man who orchestrated Gujarat riots did the same thing in UP, and is now doing it in Bihar. The festival season is around. Deliberate tension is being created in Bihar's Nawada, Betia and other areas. And the JD(U) administration is doing nothing," Prasad said.

Attacking Kumar, Prasad said he remained with BJP for 17 years and did not left NDA even during the post-Godhara riots. "Now what Nitish is doing is a farce. After the marriage (between BJP and JDU) and having children, now they (JDU) are asking what is the 'gotra' (sub-caste)," Prasad said ridiculing Kumar's attack on the BJP over the issue of communalism.

He recalled that when PV Narasimha Rao was Prime Minister, BJP leader LK Advani had promised that there would be no violence near Babri Masjid but the BJP "went back on its word and Babri Masjid was demolished”.

"Communal forces are active. They are hoping this will bring them to power.... All parties need to come together to deal with communal politics," Prasad said.

About Modi not attending the NIC meet, he said that the Gujarat Chief Minister did not turn up as he knew that he would be criticized. "Modi will never become the Prime Minister. He will only be standing in front of a fake Red Fort," he said.


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