He also criticized Modi for delivering a provocative speech at Purnia.

"Modi has virtually dared secular forces to stop him from coming to power going by the manner he has attacked political adversaries," Prasad told reporters after welcoming former MP Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav into his party.

Disapproving of Modi's "offensive body language against minorities", Prasad alleged that it was this communal mindset that had come in the way of stopping 2002 Gujarat riots.

He alleged that then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had wanted to sack him, but then deputy prime minister L K Advani stood in the way.

"However, we will do what Vajpayee could not do and prevent Modi from coming to power at the Centre," Prasad said.

On Modi's wooing the dominant Yadav caste in Bihar for votes, the RJD leader said the people of his community would not get swayed by communal agenda of Gujarat Chief Minister.

Prasad also crossed sword with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for giving space to communal forces in the state during his party's 17-year-old alliance with the BJP and saying Kumar should own up individual responsibility for the spread of the BJP which adversely affected the secular ethos of the people of the state.

On rebellion in his party after his trused aide and Rajya Sabha MP Ramkripal Yadav and Gulam Gaus (MLC) quit, he put a brave face, saying it would not affect his party's prospects in the polls.

He said that the deserters were over-estimating themselves, likening the two and other deserters to a horse in a chariot which thinks that the flower petals were being showered on it and not on the occupants of the car.

He said that desertion by any party leader or leaders would not change his mind to review the list of candidates for 27 seats to be contested by the RJD in Bihar.


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