The first of the lot is what Lamborghini calls the ‘aerodynamic kit’. It includes a full bodykit for the Huracan that includes a front splitter, side skirts and a rear diffuser as well. The highlight, of course, is the added rear wing.

The Italian automaker claims the parts are made from ‘composite materials’ and will be offered in a matte-black shade. “This new kit has been fully developed and tested by Lamborghini in wind tunnels to ensure vehicle safety in all conditions and is the only factory approved aerodynamic kit available for Huracán models” read a press release issued by Lamborghini.

Second up, is the ‘aesthetic package’ that  features a set of racing stripes that run across the length of the car, from bumper to bumper. The livery can be opted for in matte black, glossy black or red and can be removed altogether without damaging the expensive paintjob.

Saving the best for last — there are new center-lock wheels as well. The 20-inch wheels are available in a gloss black finish only and we have to admit, they look gorgeous. The car you see in pictures has all three upgrades bolted on.

Lamborghini says that the additions are inspired by their Super Trofeo race car. Weirdly enough, the aero kit does absolutely nothing in terms of downforce and is simply meant to be an aesthetic add-on.

The upgrades are available for both the all-wheel drive and the rear-wheel drive version of the supercar. Part of the ‘Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini’ range, the upgrades can be opted for at 130 authorised Lamborghini dealerships in 50 countries.