Sales of Lamborghini's two current models, the Huracan and the Aventador, brought in 872 million euros (USD 949 million), a 39 per cent increase on the company's 2014 turnover.
"In a fifth consecutive year of growth we have achieved record results in terms of our main performance indicators," CEO Stephan Winkelmann said.
"We took medium and long-term strategic decisions which will make the company even more competitive in the global luxury car market," he added in a reference to Lamborghini's plans to launch its first sport utility vehicle (SUV), the Urus, in 2018.

Winkelmann said the positive sales figures had enabled all company's development work, which includes variants of its sports cars as well as the Urus project, to be funded from cash flow.

Lamborghini shipped a total of 2,242 Huracans in 2015 and said sales of the model, launched in 2014, were 70 per cent higher than those of its predecessor, the Gallardo, in its first 18 months on the market.
Sales of the different models of the Aventador, which has been available for over four years, totalled 1,003 units. Lamborghini is planning to employ an additional 500 employees and double the size of its production facilities in the Italian city of Bologna to be able to produce the Urus.