New Delhi: With the new Land Acquisition Bill being introduced in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, the state governments may face trouble as they have to handle land acquisition issue as per the new draft of the Bill.

Standing first in the row, the Uttar Pradesh government will have to relook at many land related issues which are lined up in courts for justice. The UP government will have to amend its Land Acquisition Bill which has recently been passed in the Assembly.

The Haryana government, which boasts of its best policy for the land acquisition in the country, will also have to face hurdles due to introduction of new draft of Land Acquisition Bill as most of the lands in the state are multi-cropped.

The Haryana government has already developed 30 Special Economic Zones in border areas adjacent to Delhi, which may be affected with the new draft of Land Acquisition Bill that has provision for limited acquisition of multi-cropped lands.