New Delhi: The Land Acquisition Act, which is under consideration of the Parliament, is likely to compound the problem for Co-operative Group Housing Societies (CGHS) as the draft bill has no separate provision for land allotment for them. Now they will have to purchase land at market rates.

The real estate boom has led to the sky-rocketing of property prices in the surrounding areas of the towns. The CGHS is facing difficulty in acquiring land at subsidized rates.

Certainly it has marred the development of CGHS, which is lagging far behind the private builders due to non availability of land.

Presently the country has over 1 lakh CGHS with over 70 lakh members. The state-level CGHS are successfully running across the 26 states.

National Co-operative Union of India (NCUI) has been requesting the states to make land available at subsidized rates. Once the Land Acquisition Act becomes law, the condition of CGHS is bound to worsen.
NCUI chairman Chandrapal Singh Yadav said, “The people will have to shell out heavy amount as the draft bill does not provide land to the CGHS at subsidy. It will be mandatory for the CGHS to buy the land at market oriented rates.”

In a letter, the NCUI has apprised Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee of the difficulties faced by the CGHS. The union has also requested the government to provide land at low price for the various schemes.