The Bill proposed by BJP Government allows corporates, land mafia and builder mafia to grab the land of farmers,  alleged AITUC.

Ever since it proposed new law, farmers, agricultural workers, political parties and other social organisations have been on war path against the BJP government's proposals demanding it drop Bill.

"The Ordinance/Bill constitutes a grave attack against the farmers and people of the country. This will seriously jeopardise the food security of the country," AITUC General Secretary Gurudas Das Gupta said in a statement.

The AITUC said it is not only against farmers, agricultural workers, share croppers but also against those who are dependent on the land.

"Keeping in view gravity of the situation, AITUC has decided to forge broadest possible unity with other organisation who too are opposed to BJP proposed Bill and fight together with them the Government's nefarious design in favour of foreign and Indian corporates," he added.

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