Greater Noida: Despite reaching agreement with the farmers of Patwari village of Noida Extension, the problem for the Noida Authority does not seem to be going down. In view of its financial condition, the authority is not in a position to give the same amount of compensation to other villagers as was given to the farmers of Patwari village. To make the issue worse, the villagers are not willing to settle down with any lesser amount.

In 2008, the authority had acquired land of Patwari village along with Bisrakh, Roza Yakubpur, Itheda, Haibatpur, Aminabad, Khairpur and Chipiyana villages. The farmers have reservation saying that if the situation of all eight villages is the same, why the farmers of Patwari village are given additional compensation.

Apart from Noida Extension, the land of Khanpur and Rampur villages was also acquired in 2008. The farmers of these villages are also asking for the reason of step-brotherly treatment being meted out them. They also put the same question that when the compensation amount for the land acquired in 2008 can be increased, why not this benefit for those farmers whose land was acquired in 2009 and 2010?

The authority, however, is not in a position to give additional amount of compensation to the farmers of other villages.
According to the agreement, the authority has to bear the burden of Rs 295 crore by promising the farmers of Patwari village an additional compensation of Rs 550 per square meter.

If the authority pays compensation to other villages like the Patwari village, it would incur an extra burden of Rs 1630 crore.

The CEO of Greater Noida Authority Rama Raman said, “The issue of compensation was going on only with the farmers of Patwari village. We haven’t decided anything regarding other villages.”

(JPN/ Bureau)