New Delhi: The rural-based comedy series 'Lapataganj', which is a satire on the everyday struggles of the common man, is coming back with its second season 'Lapataganj Ek Baar Phir'.
The new show will see a leap of six years with the existing characters but in a different setting. The lead character Mukundi, played by Rohitashv Gaur, has got a promotion now and uses a new scooter and mobile.
"The basic character, Mukundi is still happy but a bit frustrated as things are not as they should be. His son is not as honest as he himself was as a child. Basic amenities like water, electricity, cable connection are coming to Lapataganj but are stagnant and that frustrates Mukundi," said Gaur.
'Lapataganj Ek Baar Phir' is being directed by Ashwini Dhir and he assures that the new season will be as satirical and comical as its prequel. "The issues are still very much. But the focus of satire will shift to things like advent of mobile phones, cable and how technology rather than bringing people closer, is making them distant," Dhir said.
After completing 850 episodes on Sab TV, the show went off the air and the slot was given to 'Hum Aapke Hain In Laws' in January this year.

"The replaced show didn't do as well as expected so we are coming back with 'Lapataganj' on public demand," Dhir added. The portrayal of other key characters like Indumati,

Kachua Chacha, Biji Pandey and Surili will remain same. The new series will be aired from the June 10.


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